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kindle: $2.99
paperback: $9.99

Twix and Jace have never met. And now, they're supposed to spend the rest of their lives together on a lonely planet light-years from Earth.
A reality TV show offers the chance for two teens to live on a planet together and establish a colony. It's an international competition, and the whole world is watching as Twix and Jace meet. With billions of eyes on them, but alone on a new world, they are forced to get to know each other. 
But as they explore their new world, something goes horribly wrong, and the two realize that maybe they aren't quite as alone as they think...



kindle: $2.99
paperback: coming soon!

The sequel to Colonized, Pioneered is a YA fiction novel that I wrote as a freshman in high school!

They thought Twix was gone. 
A few months ago, Twix and Jace landed on a planet together. 
A few months ago, they fell in love. 
A month ago, Twix died. 
And a month later, she came back.Only different.

pioneered cover (ebook).jpg

Remove Before Flight Sticker


the perfect aerospace sticker for your laptop or water bottle! currently the most popular item on my Redbubble shop!

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